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What is elemental?

Elemental Freedom (3F) began as World Concepts, a company created to provide Web services to companies and individuals. World Concepts began in 1997 and never grew beyond the one-man operation for handling the occasional freelance opportunities for Web development projects... until now.

3F was born of the desire to do more. To achieve that goal, 3F has a team of designers and developers available to handle a volume of projects. Though we can handle many projects simultaneously, each client gets personal attention. The goal of Elemental Freedom is not to grow into a huge top-heavy organization, but instead to stay small to provide the service that coincides with the idea behind our company name, "Elemental Freedom."

The concept of elemental freedom comes from the philosophy that there is more to the Internet and marketing than just a basic Web site or advertising campaign. The Internet and marketing collateral provide an extension of a company's identity. We believe that each company has its own unique identity. That identity should be captured and implemented in a way that portrays that company's goals and objectives. Simply put, template Web sites and out-of-the-box marketing materials can't capture the unique individuality of a company or meet a company's specific goals. We are providing services beyond the basic, freeing our client's unique individuality.

What we offer are custom Internet, multimedia, marketing, training and support solutions tailored to each company at reasonable and affordable rates. We are a lean operation, which gives us the ability to be flexible and dynamic. Our primary goal is to make sure our clients are happy and that we meet our clients' needs. Everything else is secondary. We look to establish long-term relationships, not to just do a job and be done with a company. We take the time to listen to our clients, communicate throughout our process and create a relationship that is a win-win for everyone involved.

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The who of elemental freedom.

Right now it's me, Bryon Grant. I'm doing all the work but on occasion I utilize the services of my good friends in the industry. I use them because I like what they do, I like who they are and I know they will provide the same quality of service and work that 3F is trying to achieve. In other words, no job is too big because 3F consists of a network of star designers and developers in the industry ready to provide you with elemental freedom.

A little bit about Bryon:

After graduating from the University of Virginia in 1993, Bryon's career in Web development began at The Bureau of National Affairs in Washington, DC. Coming to Atlanta in 1996, Bryon worked at IBM as a contractor and then as an Application Programmer/Analyst at HBO & Company, developing their intranet. In pursuit of new challenges and growth opportunities, Bryon spent a year at the company now called Rare Medium, broadening his Web development skills and branching into the area of project management while working with clients in focusing their strategy and developing their projects.

Landing at Outweb in 1998, the culmination of Bryon's experience helped launch this start-up Internet services company. Bryon served as the sole designer and developer in Outweb's early stages and grew into a Project Management position. In this role he focused on client services and strategy for achieving clients' goals. Bryon was instrumental in enabling other start-ups to reach their goals, assisting in the strategy and implementation of their online projects. Following Outweb, Bryon served in the role of User Interface Manager at Global Food Exchange, implementing dynamic and usable interfaces for the company's key applications and affiliated associations. With the sale of that company, Bryon went on to become the Director of User Interface Design for Cogent Technologies, a developer of Web-based marketplace solutions. Bryon also serves as an instructor for Web certifications through Oglethorpe University in Atlanta.

Bryon began Elemental Freedom in an effort to take everything learned from the mistakes of others and develop a business around the client to provide that elemental freedom.

Overview of Services:

The services elemental freedom provides are as follows: multimedia/CD-ROM development, Internet marketing, company Web sites, content writing, hosting, training and maintenance for Web sites, e-commerce capabilities and educational training.

We can create custom multimedia presentations for CD-ROM and the Web. These presentations can be used for employee training, sales presentations for trade shows or sales calls, product catalogs and many other uses. Multimedia presentations can range from basic animation to full motion video and sound. The advantage of having one source for your interactive media is that you maintain a consistency among all of your marketing collateral, whether it is CD-ROM or Web. We can utilize your existing collateral or generate new materials for a fresh look.

Company Web sites:
We develop a wide range of Web sites incorporating various features and functionality. We can create basic static Web sites or fully dynamic database driven solutions. These solutions can incorporate everything from a brochure Web site to a dynamic product catalog. In determining site functionality, we first determine the needs and budget for the project. With that in mind we provide a solution to meet the overall goals and objectives to satisfy our client.

Internet Marketing:
We can help get your site noticed. We register your site with the leading search engines and utilize META tags to increase search engine ranking. We can help your site come up in search engine queries. There are no guarantees of placement without direct payment to search engine companies, but we provide services that will increase your chances. We can also help if you choose to pay for the guaranteed placement.

Content Creation:
We provide content creation for Web sites or marketing collateral. We can assist companies in finding the right words to convey their point of view.

We provide various levels of hosting services. We can assist companies in finding a domain name and getting their site online. Different hosting packages are available for the various levels of functionality required for each custom Web site. Hosting solutions will be tailored to company needs.

We continue to provide training and support to our clients long after we have completed a project. We provide training to assist our clients in maintaining their own Web sites. We also offer technical support and assistance to our clients if they choose to maintain their site independently.

We can update and maintain clients' Web sites so they don't have to - all they have to do is send their changes and edits we'll promptly make them.

We have some capabilities for e-commerce solutions. We can help clients integrate their sites into back-end e-commerce systems or provide assistance in choosing applications. We do not have our own marketplace but we can assist our clients in evaluating the various options available. We have an in-depth understanding of the technology utilized in creating these marketplaces, but it is not the focus of our development services.

We have experience training in the classroom and in a group setting. We can provide custom training sessions for various development tools as well as other technical issues facing the technology industry. Our training references real-world experience and can include training material.

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